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Painted Marble | Landscapes L3

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Capture the breathtaking beauty of natures canvas with Painted Marble - where sea, sunset and dawn collide in perfect harmony.

Introducing our stunning collection of Painted Marble | Landscapes! Inspired by the beauty of nature, these exquisite pieces are perfect for those who cherish the serene and picturesque elements of landscapes.

Ready to hang in your living room walls, our Painted Marble | Landscapes will transport you into serenity while adding sophistication to any room they grace.

Order yours now and bring a slice of light in your home.

Sitting by the sea, at dawn, at sunset, throughout the day. Enjoying the colours, the breeze... these landscapes, these seascapes in varying colours.

Painted marble wall decoration. These items are all painted by hand so expect to some differences from the image you see. They all come in a wooden box, apart from the mini size that come in sets of 3.

Dimensions: 20x40cm.

Available in more colours: dark blue, green, red dawn.

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