About TCP

Embracing Growth and Creativity at The Cool Projects!

Our journey began back in 2013, with a mission to create and promote traditional arts and crafts in practical, everyday applications. Our initial project centered around designing, manufacturing and distributing  Natural Olive Oil Soap bars and body care products, giving birth to our brands you've come to know as

Cool Soap Essentials,

Cool Soap Elements, and

Mood of the Day.

Our brands over the course of the last 10 years and with your support found their way into the homes of countless individuals across Europe, and the USA.

Building on this foundation, we went on into curating a collection of handmade crafts created by talented artists and craftsmen, designed to enhance the beauty of your bathrooms and homes. We have taken immense pleasure in bringing these unique pieces to you, each reflecting the passion and artistry of its creator.

Now, as we look forward to the next chapter in our journey, we're excited to introduce some transformative changes. Our focus is shifting from creating brands that we produce, sell, and distribute worldwide to a deeper commitment to design and manufacture home decor objects and decorative pieces. Through this evolution, we aim to not only support the existing community of craftsmen and artists but also inspire and nurture new talents and offer unique, limited edition products that have been produced sustainably.

Our dedication to this creative mission will extend to sharing our knowledge through workshops and events, through our new project Aegina Retreats by The Cool Projects, due to launch in January 2024.

These events will be designed to promote various facets of Arts and Crafts, including insights on how to create a successful brand and effectively market it.

Our vision is to create a vibrant community where artisans, enthusiasts, and curious minds can come together to learn, grow, share and foster a deep appreciation for the world of Art & Crafts.