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Painted Marble | Landscape in 5 colours

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Bring the serene beauty of a coastal landscape into your home with our Painted Marble in 5 calming colours – perfect for capturing that summer state of mind.

Bring the seaside vibe into your home with our Painted Marble Landscape. This wall decoration by Yzagor features a picturesque seascape painted onto a marble canvas, adding life and colour to any room it's displayed in. Perfect for those who yearn for warm summer days by the waterfront, this piece is sure to transport you to a tranquil oasis every time you lay eyes on it.

Sitting by the sea, at dawn, through out the day, at sunset, throughout the night. Enjoying the colours, the breeze... the summer. Keeping a memory of a special moment that brings peace of mind.

Painted marble wall decoration. Each one of these marble pieces is painted by hand, so expect to find some differences from the image you see. Each one comes in its own wooden box.

Dimensions: 14x14cm

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