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Cool Collection

Cool Stool Greens

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Cool Set in green coloured lines.

Hand made with marine plywood, coloured with pigments and cement.
A stackable set of six stools all in one, made to form a cube of  36x30x40cm high.
The set of 6 consists of:
2 Large stools 36x30x34cm
2 Medium stools 29x30x29cm
2 Small stools 22x30x20cm

The set of 3 consists of:
1 Large stools 36x30x34cm
1 Medium stools 29x30x29cm
1 Small stools 22x30x20cm

The set of 2 consists of:
Large:     2 Large stools 36x30x34cm
Medium: 2 Medium stools 29x30x29cm
Small:      2 Small stools 22x30x20cm

All our stools are made and painted by hand. There will be slight differences in the product you receive from what you see in these photos.