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Black Pinch Pot Cups | Couples

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Set of 2 handcrafted black ceramic pinch pot cups ideal for drinking from. You can use them for tea, coffee or anything else you may fancy. They come in twos to always have company, and their names are inspired by a combination of their shapes, feel, decoration...

Each one of these pinch pot cups is unique. All pieces are made from a same volume of clay. Each piece reveals every movement made, every pressure applied, every breath taken, carrying in it the marks of its maker. We hope you will enjoy using them as much as we enjoyed making them.

They are made with low firing red clay to which red terra sigillata is applied and burnished to give it a glossy finish. Many are decorated with the sgraffito technique. These areas aquire a matt finish, which creates a subtle contrast with the shiny finish of the pieces. This ancient technique seals the earth, functioning like a thin glaze since the terra sigillata tends to vitrify. The cups are fired in very low oxygen atmosphere (reduction), thus turning black. There are occasional flashes of grey-silver on some of them.

Dimensions vary between: diameter: 6-10cm, height: 6-8.5cm.

made by marina for Cool Collection