About us

The Cool Projects is about fair trade, small production, crafts, design, quality vs quantity, natural handmade products, and an effort to sustain small traditional workshops with respect to the environment, animals, people we work with and ourselves. All our products are designed and produced following the above principles.

We are always on the lookout for craftspeople, designers, illustrators... with whom we collaborate in various ways: by commissioning works, or by co-designing and co-producing. In this manner we create a wider and more varied range of items, we support local, small businesses and we participate in safegarding traditions. And we hope to give an incentive to take these traditions a few steps further.

Being aware of the catastrophic waste our planet is being buried under, we recycle and upcycle as much as possible. For example, many of our wooden products are made by using left over pieces found in the workshop. Also, wherever possible we avoid packaging and ask you to support us, and others, by choosing unbranded products - brands are not always synonym with quality.

Marina and Yanis founded The Cool Projects in 2013, following their move from Athens to the island of Aegina. The aim was from the very beginning to use this new platform to create, discover and support projects from all over Greece, offering them an opening into the rest of the world. We began by creating our own brands of Greek extra virgin olive oil soaps,

Cool Soap, available in 2 series,

Essentials & Elements,

Mood of the Day, available in 2 series

Mood of the Scents, & Mood of the day Fragrance,

Cool Collection, dedicated to handmade accessories and objects for the bath and home.

Sustainable, eco friendly, natural, vegan soaps and objects handmade with care and respect.