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Olive Oil Liquid Body Soap & Soap Bars | 1lt +920g Set

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1lt of of liquid soap and 4x230g of soap bars will get you through at least 4 months, and will make zero waste: the soap bars are unpakaged and the liquid soap comes in a glass bottle that you can use for water and any other drink, for oil, as a flower pot... the choices are many.

The liquid soap is made with Olive Oil, a little Coconut Oil, a little Almond Oil and a touch of perfume, that's all! No added preservatives, which means it will react to heat and cold, so make sure you store it properly and use it sooner rather than later. Available in Jasmine, Lavender, Rosemary and Geranium.

A smooth, fresh and unique liquid soap for the body, the face and the hair.

The soap bars are natural and handmade in small batches. They are made with Olive Oil, Coconut Oil and Clays, and are available in 4 scents. Jasmine with white clay, Lavender with green clay, Rosemary with activated charcoal & Geranium with pink clay. Clays colour the soaps naturally and are known to help balance the oilyness - dryness levels of the skin, as well as offering deep cleansing with various degrees of exfoliation. Ideal for hands, body and face, and for the hair too if you are thinking of swapping from shampoo bottled in plastic to unpackaged soap bar.

The vegan, eco friendly, sustainable, natural choice for better skin and hair!

Weight: 1lt Liquid soap & 920g soap bars